Friday, 26 February 2010

Log Lady

This is a whittled reproduction of the bow-tie that the Log woman is wearing in Twin Peaks.

Saturday, 20 February 2010


The head is whittled from a small left-over piece of lime-wood.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Pattern in the Wood

I have often looked at the partial repetition of shapes in plywood and theorised about how they got there. Obviously, at 4' wide, a ply board is not just a cross section of a tree. It turns out that my guess was about right.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

BTWC III (Twin Peaks)

"There's something about a lady and a log..."
--David Lynch

Photocopy handout for the 3rd meeting

The third meeting of BTWC was rather busy, and although there were quite a few first-time whittlers at this meeting there were hardly any cuts. One could ascribe this unusual alertness to the double combination of home-made cherry-pie, donuts, and strong black coffee, which were served in line with the Twin Peaks theme of the evening.

David Lynch has long explored the transcendental possibilities of wood and the forest, never more explicitly than in Twin Peaks. Whether it be the Log Lady's talking log, trouble at the mill, or the black lodge situated among majestic Douglas Firs, Lynch has limned a special place in the world of timber. Our club has produced its share of owls too, which mediate between the world of souls embedded in wood and that of humans.

As the soundtrack from the show played, we were happy to welcome guests from as far away as New York and Japan. Writer and drummer Oran Canfield juggled five lemons while Ben T introduced the world to the BTWC via Chat Roulette.

Around midnight, people made their way home.

Donut by Billy

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

More work by the Members...

Wonderful whittling by new member Little Jack

Donut by Billy

Another good first-time work by newcomer Shelly

Resting bird in peach-stone by Ksenia

Not sure who's this is. I would guess Jamie's since it has blood on it.

Pineapple by John

Finished owl by Jacob

Mushroom by Jack

Gery's medieval monster from the back.

Rihanna by Ben T.

A finished head by Amy

Cut of the week

The only "real" cut of the last meeting. It was performed by Jamie. There was some other smaller ones, but not worth spending plaster on besides John´s who stabbed himself in the nail.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Photocopy handout for 2nd meeting

It has been some time since the occasion of the second meeting of the Bleeding Thumb Whittling Club, but we feel it cannot go unremarked upon. The sharp knives were out in force with members bringing some interesting models, including Mark's scooping blade from Mora, with which he crafted an excellent spoon.

This time the wood was excellent. Having cut their teeth cleaning green wood of its bark and other such rudiments of whittling, our members were now able to get involved with some German lime-wood. The staple of German figure carvers for centuries, lime is a medium hardness deciduous wood with a heady citric scent. Whilst somewhat prone to cleaving when cut close to the direction of the grain, when carved across the grain beautiful rich patterns are exposed. We now have a useful stockpile of lime-wood for upcoming meetings.

When the club was finished, we swept up and kept the aromatic chip shavings; one day, we will burn them in a ritual.