Monday, 15 February 2010

Pattern in the Wood

I have often looked at the partial repetition of shapes in plywood and theorised about how they got there. Obviously, at 4' wide, a ply board is not just a cross section of a tree. It turns out that my guess was about right.


  1. Hold on. Is this you Jack, as in Jack Brennan Jack? I hope so.

    I once whittled a nursing shark atop its mother from a block of Kauri wood I picked up in a carpenter's workshop in New Zealand. I used a 4" Opinel to do so, which has 'Matteo' whittled into the handle and stained with red wax. I have it with me here, now, in Geneva.

  2. Hi

    my name is Ed Davis

    I am doing a new magazine based in Melbourne Australia and am interested in doing a feature on BTWC.

    Please get in contact

  3. Hey Matt.
    It's me. I love you man. Send us a picture of your shark if you have one, and a picture of your custom knife too...