Monday, 7 June 2010

Jack´s Knife

I wanted to make Jack a knife for his birthday, and could not be bothered to make my own blade so so I ordered these Mora blanks from Moonraker Knives on internet. I used the smaller blade for this particular knife as it is the same size as on the Erik Frost knives that we usually use for whittling.

Sawed of a bit of the tang.

Had a long cut-off of walnut with one side that was very flat so I cut two bits, left the flat side untouched, and rounded off the rest of it. I made a score in the shape of the tang on each bit so as to fit the flat sides perfectly around the blade.

I could not find any ready-made bolster that fitted the Mora blade so I made one myself out of aluminium. Needed to be sawed and polished so probably a hell making one out of harder metals without machinery.

The bits were glued together with Araldite in a vice and the handle whittled into a proper shape after it was all set.

The handle was easier to finish off and sandpaper when there was some masking-tape on the blade to protect it.

The past few days the weather has been really hot and Perrier tastes the best from a can so there has been quite a few of those lying around the kitchen. Used one of the can bottoms, where the aluminium is a bit thicker, to cut out a litter anchor J to be inset into the wood.

After it is all sandpapered and oiled.

I also carved a little face at the end of the knife.

Time: a lazy weekend
Beers: no beers, 2 can Perrier

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