Monday, 12 July 2010

Snake cult meeting

As a part of our show-program, we did a meeting on the theme of the serpent-handling sect of Appalachia, which Jack has written a post about previously. Jana built a traditional serpent box and the members did various species of snakes to go into the box to keep safe until our next faith-testing meeting.

Photocopy hand-out for the 7th meeting

Camden Lock-style snake by Ella

Friendly snake by Fraser

This snake was made by Mark. It has a metal rod body and whittled tail and head.

A finger by Fraser. Fraser´s finger.

Knife also by Fraser.

Ben T did a tattoo tool.

Gery and Mark whittling. Note: Gery is whittling away from herself.

Stretching and folding topological snake by Jack.

Can be worn like this.

Slithery snake by Jana

Snake by Amy called Dustin

Snake food

Little Jack is whittling a straight snake.

Coffee & Beer

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