Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Lockdown - Opinels and Legality

Bleeding Thumb is ambivalent about this particular update, containing as it does good and bad news. First off, the club has obtained a stock of six Opinel No. 7 knives with carbon steel blades. These will become the club knives available on loan to those attending without a blade of their own. Sadly, these are some of the last Opinels on sale in England, their locking blade having fallen foul of recently updated knife laws.

It's not entirely clear how the homespun, slow-action mechanism of the Opi poses a particular threat, especially compared to, say, a butcher's knife. What is apparent, is the hateful machinery of the "Theatre of Security" grinding into action, spitting out worthlessly demonstrative policy without thought or care over what might actually have a positive impact on society.

This is not some libertarian polemic against some perceived infringement of liberties, more a coda to a governmental blunder. Whilst having a weapon function, a knife is a tool in a way that a gun or ninja stars can never be; to end on a positive note, it is still legal to carry a blade "with good reason". And to whittle is certainly that.

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  1. It's not illegal to buy or sell or own knives with locking blades. What is illegal is to carry a knife in a public place with a locking blade and/or a blade whose cutting edge exceeds 3 inches without a good reason for doing so. If you have a good reason, the knife can lock and can have a cutting edge exceeding three inches. If you don't have a good reason you can't have the knife in a public place, but you can still own it.