Sunday, 27 February 2011

12th Meeting at Rachmaninoff's

Big thanks to Maggie and Matthew of Rachmaninoff's Gallery for hosting the 12th meeting of BTWC. Thanks, too, to all of the new faces who came and endured small nicks and pricks in the pursuit of creation. Next meeting soon, soon.

The concentrated whittlers sat for hours among facsimile copies of Californian aspen trees defaced by lonely Basque herders.

Adam's work. Salty chocolates on a carved tree-stump.

Abstract collaboration between Maeve and Sophie.

leaf by Arielle

Spartacus whittle

Hair-pin by Pip.

Head by Miles

Unfinished pipe by Lyle

A really cool crown by Louise

Lama sort of comb by Leonn

Whale by Laura

Kuni has made another spoon.

Daisy Duck´s shoe by Ksenia

Even Misha ventured into whittling

Julian´s carving.

Fake flute by Jamie.

Jacob's work

Don't know who did this one...

Cigarette holder by Erika


Knife and fuzzy stick by Ben T

Green lime-wood carving by new Ben

Adam bird

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