Friday, 4 February 2011

12th Meeting

Bleeding Thumb Whittling Club at Rachmaninoff's
Wednesday 9th of February 6-12pm

As well as all as all of the usual activities, we are pleased to present two new outputs -- audio CDs -- one with sound work by members, the other containing sound culled from American folklore films, which could be called the aural equivalent of whittling.

We invite you to the twelfth meeting of the BTWC at Rachmaninoff's, to take part in the wood shaving, to consume pickles and coffee (sharp), to take part in the tacit decision of a group to sit in hush, cutting, cutting.

Everyone welcome, tools and wood supplied.
A display connected with the event is viewable by appointment Thursday and Friday 10,11 February.

First floor, Unit 106
301 Kingsland Road
London E8 4DS
t +44 (0)20 7275 0757

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