Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Sound of BTWC

Two mixes produced by the club and Urban Legend/Shrieking Abscess with Brian Moran. One contains sounds plundered from the astounding website, and one features sonic material produced by members (credits in jpeg below). Below is annotation to the tracks on the folkstream bootleg CD, some jpeg facsimiles of the material associated with the discs (click for bigger versions) and links to the sound files.

Link to download Weaponised Psychedelics Mix Tape

ULSA presents the sound of Folk Streams, listening notes:
  1. Alex Stewart, a cooper, explains what kind of wood is required to make an effective water containing vessel (it must be 1st class).
  2. Explosions and machinery noise in mechanised railway construction are heard, to be contrasted with 10.
  3. Don Stover plays an untitled bluegrass.
  4. Black schoolgirls demonstrate their chants in an LA playground. During this song, the girls form two lines facing each other while individuals take turns dancing down the middle, a prefiguration of the hit TV show "Soul Train".
  5. Work songs of Black Prisoners, sung while axe-felling trees under the gaze of Texas prison guards.
  6. Rare footage and sound from a Southern Baptist sermon. Spontaneous gospel singing and a woman screaming, possessed, can be heard.
  7. A member of an East Tennessee evangelical church talks about taking up serpents, being bitten, and faith.
  8. A contemporary college fraternity activity, "Stepping", is described and recorded.
  9. Runaway teenagers in San Fransisco rap about the day-to-day; a young skinhead exposits his ideological development.
  10. Railway workers (gandy dancers) relate the songs sung to keep time when hammering railway spikes and levering tracks in to true. Several songs are heard, along with the highly rhythmical hammering technique employed.
  11. Fife and drum player Orthar Turner plays a self made flute and talks about this obscure Mississippi-based party music. The relations of polyrhythms in certain African forms, contemporary techno, and this here music are notable.
Link to download Folk Streams bootleg


  1. this is my beloved son in whom i am well pleased

  2. Hi All, these links are broken, I'll be putting up a SoundCloud ASAP or ASAICANFINDAMINUTE.